Two powerful trucks: 2014 Ram 3500 and the 2014 Ford F350 go against each other in the frame twist test. According to the description that we found on YouTube form the Tyler Grant (which is the uploader) : ”The testers indicated to us that both trucks were 100% untouched, and exactly as they rolled off the assembly line. They also said that they have to stagger which way they twist the Ford because they’re worried the frame is going to incur irreparable damage. As for Ford using aluminum in the construction of their new trucks, more power to them. Body shops all across the nation will likely have to spend countless dollars to add or increase their capabilities to work with aluminum. The ford trucks will definitely be lighter, but at what cost for longevity? Only time will tell. Glad they’re trying it first, because as far as trucks go, I’m not so sure that aluminum construction is a great choice.”
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