We’ve all done this and we’ve all loved the reaction of our parents, elders or realatives on our generation’s video games. In fact I remember my dad when he gave me two floppy disks, on the first one there was a “Formula 1” game where the top speed was 216 km/h and the other one with a “Super mario” kind of game. A few years later, I let my grandfather, a former bus and truck driver, to play “World Racing 1 – Mercedes Benz”. I can’t forget his reaction when we crashed the Mercedes A180 CDI into the wall, or even watching my beeing the Drift King on Need For Speed Underground 2.
So, as the technology have evolved a lot more these last years, the differences are more visible. Every video game seem so real that you can’t define if it is a video game or a video recorded with a video camera.
REACT channel on YouTube have recently uploaded a video of senior people playing GTA V. They go from not-knowing-how-to-move to crashing cars and messing up with the police.
Are you curious enough know to know what they thing and they react at different situations?
Check out the video: