This 500hp+ ZR1 Powered Silverado is insane – GT Speed

zr1 powered silverado

Most modified trucks tend to stick with naturally aspirated engines, but this seemingly ordinary pickup truck is fitted with a Corvette ZR1 engine; a supercharged GM V8, making 510 horsepower, and 504 lb-ft of torque, redlining at around 6000 RPM, say hello to ZR1 Powered Silverado.

Once again the sleeper status hides mouth watering performance, and when the hammer drops, all hell breaks loose, as the monstrous engine spins the rear wheels and launches this truck to ridiculous speeds.

This goes to show how great of a platform GM engines can be, from the omnipresent LS3 to the LT series. Almost any build can put a GM V8 to good use.