This is one of best barn find of all the time.What could be better than finding after so many many yeas one of the most collectible coupes in muscle car history?Of course,nothing but the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge.This incredible muscle was left for 25 years in a barn after the owner planned on restoring it.Unfortunately we can’t tell the owner’s name and the location of 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge,because they’re not disclosed to the public.In the photos down below you will see the Judge covered up to the rockers in mud and cow manure.What you need to know more about this car is that the ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge is one of 6,833 produced that model year and it’s definitely of the most collectible muscle-car nowdays.The Judge is powered by a 366horsepower Pure-Pontiac Ram Air III 400 and it’s a four speed manual transmission.It doesn’t matter how dirty this Judge looks,it’s still our number one muscle.
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