That is more than double the power of the Bugatti Veyron’s quad turbo 8L 16 Cylinder heart! Sonny’s Racing Engines has built the first V8 racing engine to top 1000 cubic inches. The new SRE V8 is one serious piece with a price tag approaching $110,000 but its easy to see how cost escalates quickly with a billet block and crank, billet cylinder heads, special sheet metal intake, four throttle bodies and the EFI system.


This is a monster engine with massive bore and stroke dimensions. There’s a lot of metal being tossed around in there and in typical fashion, Sonny’s has engineered it to function efficiently and reliably. Check out these basic features.


A few specs:

Block: Sonny’s Automotive Racing (SAR) billet with 2-inch raised cam
Crank: Sonny Bryant billet crankshaft (5.875in)
Rods: GRP billet aluminum
Pistons: SAR custom pistons, 5.22in diameter
Balancer: ATI Super Damper
Timing set: Jesel beltdrive
Oil pan: custom Dailey Engineering
Oil pump: custom Dailey Engineering 7-stage lightweight dry-sump system
Cylinder heads: Sonny Leonard CNC-ported Special Edition hemispherical heads
Rocker arms: SAR/T&D/Jesel shaft-mounted rocker system
Intake: SAR sheetmetal Pro Stock intake with SAR/Accufab throttle bodies
Engine management: BigStuff3 EFI
Ignition: MSD Performance
Cam: custom 70mm camshaft with 121 LSA, 1.300-/1.315-inch valve lift and 290/319 degrees duration at .050
Lifters: keyed Cam Effects roller lifters with 0.950-inch wheels in a 1.095-inch body
Pushrods: 11.300-inch intake, 12.735-inch exhaust
Distributor: custom MSD beltdrive
Plug wires: MSD Performance
Valve covers: Sonny’s billet valve covers

via DriftSpec

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