Well, having an old skool car and a legendary car in the same time, is a big chance! But you have a lot of responsibility because of these cars.

Soooo, heartbrakingly, here is it a post comming from Corvette Forum:

“Well today at the good guys car show in Del Mar California, a very nice C1 was leaving the show after it ended, being harassed to do a burnout, he falls to the peer pressure and lights em up around a corner and didn’t get very far.. ended up hitting the stone garden and then bounced off the building and tree… sad day in the corvette community…”

What’s scary about the whole ordeal is that the Corvette driver had his son with him in the car as well:

“The driver was ok, his son was a little shaken up from it”

We feel so sorry for you. Please drive carefully!

via Corvette Forum

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