Looks like Matt Farah a.k.a The Smoking Tire’s journey in New Zealand hasn’t ended yet! I mean, we brings us another astonishing car from the distant country!

Here we have, another JDM hero, the legendary R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Not an ordinary one, but a tuned 1000Hp horsepower one owned by a guy called Faizal Ramzan we felt in love with this car when he used to live in Australia. The R34 is so rare in New Zealand. As Matt mentiones, he has only seen 2 GT-Rs during his trip. So this fact makes this car even more special for N.Z in general, but it’s so special for the whole World too. It is one of the most remarkable sports car in the automotive histroy! It has been a very special part of a lot movies and games too! We can’t forget the Grey and Blue Skyline Paul Walker used to drive in F&F2 or “the last car” on Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2, and basicly in every car games ever after 1999 when it was first presented.
So it’s always so special when seeing one of the them in the streest or even virtualy as we’re about to do!

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