Apparently captured in Texas, this video is one of the weirdest you’ve ever seen. Or at least, me personally, never seen a cop acting like this!

The incident began after then-25-year-old Steven Gaydos ran a stop sign in Texas’ Chambers County. The case actually occurred back in December 2012 but it went viral after the Austin American-Statesman newspaper conducted an investigation into how cops deal with fleeing suspects. The chase was captured by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper Abraham Martinez’s dash-cam as he raced behind Gaydos, yelling at him to pull over. Speeds of 130 miles per hour were reached during the chase and at one point, Martinez took out his gun and shot it four times in Gaydos’ direction. Officer Martinez said that he was aiming to “disable” the motorcycle, but, things didn’t went so well so accidentally he ended up striking Gaydos in his right thigh with one of the bullets.

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