The man responsible for why we loved Top Gear that much, officialy quit his position as Top Gear’s Executive Producer. So what everybody hopes is that this will be the beginning of an all new “Top Gear”.

Following the trio’s and Wilman’s very frequent meeting in James May’s house, rumours say that they are getting read for a new car show outside BBC studios. The whole automotive World thinks that so. We already miss the trio’s quotes, amazing cars, trip, stuns etc. So it’s unimaginable that they are not thinking of a new show.
A month a go Andy Wilman sent a mail to BBC telling them that he was leaving the show. In the email, Wilman said:
“For those of you who still rely on [Top Gear] for work, don’t worry, because the BBC will make sure the show continues. Our stint as guardians of Top Gear was a good one, but we were only part of the show’s history, not the whole of it. Those two words are bigger than us.”

So, all we can do is to wait a little until the trio + Wilman come with a new publication!

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