If you need your crankshaft to be repaired in no time, we know where you should address to. No matter if the crankshaft is 6 inch or 40 feet, the team at Coastal Plating Company will take care of it, with guaranteed quality.

Their area of expertise is repairing damaged crankshafts. They possess ultra-modern chrome shop as well as the biggest grinder on the territory of the USA and Canada. Additionally, they have been present on the market for more than 55 years and the organizational staff pays attention to every detail to the final product before is transferred to you.

This company recently uploaded a video of a crankshaft that is a part of the rotating assembly of an enormous compressor called Worthington BDC4 which is commonly used in the oil industry. As the spokesman of the company states, this BDC crankshaft has a 15″ stroke. This unit has a length of 12 feet and weights slightly less than 15K pounds. Furthermore, the main diameters as well as the rod are both 16 inch. The compressor has 4 cylinders and is rotated by an electric motor that generates 900 horsepower.

via MuscleCarZone

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