I don`t know if you have ever seen how a legitimate, real life monster looks like or I don`t know even if it exists but what I know is that this is the closest thing to a monster that I have ever seen.

Lately we can see many builds that will surprise us and that will take our breath away but this is something else, this is on a whole other level. In these three videos that you are going to see today you will be amazed and scared at the same time. In the first video we are introduced to this blue Monster, oh and from all of the excitement I forgot to tell you what this “monster” really is. It is a custom build ULTIMATE Diesel Pulling Tractor with crazy 4800ci, quad-turbocharged.
In the first video we can just notice how this incredible tractor looks like and also one more interesting thing that we can notice is the two separate engines that this monster has.

via NoCarNoFun