Forget about the old skool Beetle with the tiny 1,493 cc OHV H4! This is powered by a V8 engine!

It is a LT1 on the back of the car, making it possible to move!
A Porsche 930 Transaxle is also installed to the car making it go as fast as 170MPH.
“I always though of doing something exactly like this with almost all of the Volkswagen Beetles that I have owned in years passed. You would always see those engine adaptor kits for multiple types of engines to a VW transaxle like a Buick V6 or a Mazda Rotary that could have much more HP than a flat 4 engine. I had a 215 Buick aluminum V8 at one point in time and that was a thought to swap in as it didn’t weigh much at all but, as usual there was still going to be an issue of where to put the radiator to cool it.”