This is a creation by Ricardo Azevedo from Sao Paulo, and seems to a very good idea if Shell & friends won’t be happy with that!

It is called “T Power H20”, and it need just 1 liter of water to do 500 km (310miles). This invention, includes a combination of water and a single, external car battery that’s used to produce electricity, and spark the process that separates the hydrogen from the water molecule. As a result, the necessary energy to power the bike is created.
This will be a very good way to save the environment, until it won’t effect on the mass production of the industry. I mean, there are a few people that see bikes and cars just as a machine to move faster and more comfortable from point A to B, so, a big change only on this sector will be a very good idea to fight the continuous bad effect of global warming, which is partly caused by internal combustion engines.
So, let’s check out the video!