This is one of the “one in a million” stories you don’t really hear even though you might be a police officer.

This is what the video uploader writes:
“Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies have arrested and charged Roilan Cabrera, Dan Gonzalez and Alondra Oliva for their involvement in three diesel fuel thefts in Marion County.
The three subjects went to three different gas stations in Marion County and used a van that was equipped with an elaborate gas siphoning system and stole over $3,000 worth of diesel from the businesses. The van had a cut-out in the floor where the subjects would remove the cover for the diesel storage tank and use their siphoning system to pump diesel into the storage tanks in the van. Those storage tanks can hold over 300 gallons of fuel at a time.
On November 11th, Deputy Nathan McClain pulled over the Dodge van after having
worked two previous diesel fuel theft cases involving that vehicle description. All three suspects were arrested and charged with three counts of grand theft. Alondra Oliva made bail before the third charge could be filed and she is now being sought to face that charge. The investigation is on-going because our detectives believe these three subjects are involved in other diesel fuel thefts across the state of Florida.”