Here’s a short yet painful clip. There are few things that we petrol-heads can all agree with, and the timeless excellence that is the E30 BMW is one of them.

That’s because the E30 BMW takes us back to a different time. A time with thin a-pillars, relaxed emission standards, where gas wasn’t seven dollars a gallon and buying sports cars still made sense.
The E30 was also the last of the light weight bimmers. It had a four cylinder that revved to 7300rpm, and made between 189-235hp depending on year. The E30 represents a time before BMW’s became two-ton rolling duvets filled with touch screens, where one could still call a BMW a raw driving machine. So shed a tear for this unlucky E30 which became the target of a suicidal Audi TT driver at the Nurburgring this week. Let’s hope it’s fixable and will be back on the track better than ever.