Sometimes I find automotive culture straight-up confusing. For example; LB Performance kits are jaw droppingly gorgeous, but who looks at a Lamborghini Aventador and thinks “You know what that needs? To be four inches wider!”.

I know this will offend some of our readers, but Ill personally never understand “stance” either.
Less contact patch, zero suspension travel, a ride to shatter your back and an in ability to go over anything taller than a pebble are not desirable traits I look for in a car.

Here’s another headscratcher: somebody built a Kawasaki motorcycle with forty-eight cylinders. Yep, a crazy v8 powered bike wasn’t good enough. Neither was an exotic v12 powered monster. Instead, four times that amount of cylinders was deemed necessary. Seriously though, what’s the point? The system can’t be any more efficient than a forced induction v8 setup, and must literally weight more than most cars. Sure, it’s a masterpiece, but ultimately it leaves me very, very confused.

By: Philip Oliveira