About a year after the AMG GT S was firstly seen on the roads, looked like it became a bit boring so Prior Design gave Mercedes a hand…

Nowadays, it is impossible not to find a Prior Design package for your exotic car. So it was AMG GT S’s turn look for a “plastic surgery”.
The results are pretty cool actually. A widebody MERCEDES-AMG GT S maybe nobody ever thought about. But Prior never fails, and so is this time.
The components are all made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix, a material which is both flexible and sturdy and allow for easy and inexpensive painting. All of the parts, can be fitted onto the existing body of the Mercedes-AMG GT S without any modification which makes it easy to install.
The package contains a front lip spoiler, a new bonnet, front and rear cupwings, air vents inserts, widened panels, a trunk spoiler, sideskirts add-on spoilers and an impressive rear air diffuser, so if you’ll ever think of buying it, there’s no price listed so you can call Prior Design and ask for a PD800GT Widebody Aerodynamic-kit.
Let’s talk a bit about the wheels. Sure, we need new ones because the old ones doesn’t really fin on all that makeover. In fact, Prior didn’t mention anything about the wheels but the ones on the photos looks like fit the whole car philosophy. They are the PD3FORGED Superlight which come with custom width and range from 18″ to 23″ in diameter.
So, if you’re really bored with your exotic, Prior will always have something for you!