Like I’m most of you, news that the new 2017 Ford GT would come with an EcoBoost V6 as opposed to a blown V8 was met with a mixture of shock, confusion and disappointment.

This is a Ford GT! It’s American, only a good ol’ v8 with a big whipple blower on top will do! Really, deep down inside, I can admit that the move to using a v6 makes sense. This car was built to race at LeMans, which means that first, fuel economy does matter, and secondly, turbo/supercharged cars are limited to four liters of displacement anyways. Above all, the use of the EcoBoost V6 in a racing setting would prove that Ford’s new line-up of small displacement turbo-charged motors are actually reliable.
The big question of course is, will this puny turbo motor sound any good? The answer is yes, its sounds godlike. Downshifts sound like gun shots, and the motor winding out sounds like a proper racecar. Feast your ears petrol heads!