Ever since the Nissan GT-R landed in 2007, challenging everyone’s perception of what a modern sports car should be, I think I’ve seen videos of thousand-horsepower GT-Rs on the daily.

All wheel drive, a wicked launch control system and a motor that LOVES boost, it’s no wonder that the GT-R is the “go-to” choice for tuners. This GT-R in particular has everything done right.
Two holes in the front bumper allow air to flow straight into the exposed twin turbos. Once all that turbo magic happens, exhaust gases are pumped straight out of the hood. The result? 2100HP The whole build shows an obvious attention to detail weld is perfect, everything is made out of polished aluminum. The owner of this beast put his soul into this car, and it shows. The car current runs high-sevens at over 180mph. Want your own 2100HP GT-R? Give T1, a tuning shop in Rockwell Texas a call. They’ll be more than able to help you out.