By Phillip Oliveira

Believe me, I’m the first person that will triumphantly proclaim that rear-wheel drive cars are better than their all-wheel and front-wheel drive counterparts in every conceivable way.

I’ve owned front-wheel drive cars, I’ve modified front-wheel drive cars, and I’ve raced front-wheel drive cars. Hurl whatever profanities at me you like, but I don’t like front-wheel drive cars.
This being said, it seems Honda has pumped some unicorn magic in the form of a turbo, a fancy differential and stiff suspension into the new Civic Type-R. This is a seriously fast machine. Fast enough, to give both the E46 M3 CSL and the Ford GT a run for their money around the Nurburgring. Can Honda’s new turbo-vtec rocket give the fastest modern German sport coupes a run for their money? Auto Express finds out!