Recently Formula 1 has seen some tough times, viewership and spectator involvement is at it lowest in decade. Gone are the days of Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda, 1000hp turbo-charged V12 monsters blasting through the most dangerous tracks in the world in any weather.

These days are over, and for good reason; people died.
Horsepower ratings fell, tracks became safer and cars became more efficent, but much of the magic of Formula 1 left the sport. If you’ve heard any of the turbo-charged V6s in modern F1 cars, you know how terribly wimpy they sound. In case you forgot what a proper Formula 1 car sounds like, let me remind you. The Ferrari 412 T2 wasn’t even the greatest Formula 1 car of it’s time, but compared to its 2015 counterparts it was a monster. A 3.0L V12 pushing 600hp at an eye-watering 17,000rpm. Feast your ears petrol heads, here’s a reminder of how Formula 1 cars once were.