Any tuner, any real tuner will tell you, there is one replacement for displacement, it’s called boost! (Yes, that was an intentional F&F pun)

The guys at V.S Motors know this well, as they built a monstrous 4.8L V10 ingesting about 26psi of boost from two massive turbos. The end result is 1851hp and 1817nm of torque. According to the not-so-descriptive YouTube description, the motor is ‘based’ on the S85 BMW M5 motor. I’d imagine that compression was dropped significantly from the original 12.0:1 in order to run serious amounts of boost, hence the drop in displacement from 5.0L. Initially, this thing actually sounds like a V10, but that sound is quickly replaced with insane induction noise. Seriously, this thing sounds like a jet. Whatever witchcraft is going on under those enormous rocker covers, it’s enough to put a Veyron to shame and we love it!