Last week in a post, I called the BMW i3 ”a recipe for the worst BMW driving experience on earth”.

I mean look at it, it looks like the accidental child of a Toyota Prius and a BMW i8 It’s stubby, has awkward lines and rather than a classic BMW straight-six or even a four-banger, it’s electric.
Here’s the seldom heard truth about the i3; it’s actually an acceptable driver’s car. It’s rear-wheel drive, it has a short wheel base, and it has 50/50 weight distribution and an extremely low center of gravity thanks to its low slung battery. Its 167hp motor may not send you jumping for joy, but it produces 184ft/lbs from 0 rpm. It’s light too at roughly 2600lbs. Does this stubby little four door eco-thing not sound akin to a Mazda Miata? Apparently the i3 still retains excellent BMW steering feel. It also has 155 width low rolling resistance tires, so it’s not a grip monster but it’ll certainly get around as Matt Farah is about to demonstrate.