Koenigseggs might be the most ferocious hypercars developed my man thus far.

That being said, putting down more than a 1000 horsepower on a track requires more than clever engineering and computer software; it takes a seriously good driver. Koenisegg’s own test driver is Robert Serwanski. If you’ve watched a video of a Koenigsegg being chucked around a racetrack, this man was behind the wheel. He wasn’t born racing hypercars of course, rather he started by racing Mazda Miatas in Sweden before he was hired by Koenigsegg.
Apparently, even Koenisegg’s main driver knows that sometimes you don’t need 1000+hp to go fast. Sometimes, a little Miata and 140hp is just right. Check out this video of Robert lapping the Nurbugring, you’ll probably be surprised by what he manages to pass!