It’s no secret that a carefully selected combination of parts can turn nearly anything into a Porsche -fighting track day hero, especially at Nurburgring. The key of course is to select the right parts, and get everything dialed in and working perfectly. It appears that Nigel Pinder has done precisely that with his MK2 VW Golf.

There’s almost nothing stock about this car. Full bolt-ons and a turbo kit now pump 300hp out of the original 2.0L 16VT motor, and a rebuilt transmission with a Quaife LSD sends it all to the front tires. The car also features upgraded six-pot front brake calipers with high friction pads, KW Clubsport struts with Eibach springs, tons of homemade fiberglass aero bits, and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires connect the whole package to the floor. All in all, despite the full roll cage the entire package weighs about 1000kg.
The resulting car is rapid enough to lap the Nurburgring is a seriously fast 7m45s. You can watch the full video below; he even manages to tail a 996 Porsche 911 GT3 the entire time.