What is the Ariel Nomad? It’s a psychotic, dirt spewing-off road version of the iconic Ariel Atom. Powered by a 2.4l Honda K24 producing 240bhp and weighing just 1477lbs, it’s properly fast, and thanks to tall, knobby tires and loads of suspension travel, it’s built to go anywhere and everywhere.

It even has a full roll cage just in case you find yourself upside down in a ditch after a session of epic dirt drifting, rally lighting in case your mental enough to race around in the dirt at night, and a wind screen in case you happen to be chasing a dirt bike that’s picking up all kinds of debris.
Come to think of it that’s a brilliant idea, after all the Nomad really is essentially a four-wheeled dirt bike. The question this is, which one would win in a race? Luckily for us our friends at /DRIVE have decided to find out! Watch the madness unfold below: