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The R33 Nissan Skyline is no stranger to engine swaps; do a quick google search and you’ll find thousands of 2JZs, LS motor, and hell even Viper engines swapped into immaculate Skylines.

All of these options seemed far too conventional for Danish drifter Christian Jæger who drives for the Unique Racing drift team. The R33 came from the factory stock with the legendary RB26, but Christian felt car needed more, so he doubled the cylinder count and displacement by swapping in a Mercedes-Benz M120.980 V12. The engine originally made 518hp, so Christian bolted on two turbo chargers and a methonal injection system in order to produce 649hp and 663ft-lbs of torque at the wheels. All that is sent through a Skyline dogbox to the rear wheels in order for maximum tire destruction. The entire setup is so huge that it was necessary to move the radiator to the trunk to accommodate the 6.0L monster. We can’t wait to see this thing tear up the track!










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