Instagram user @VTM_THEKING_4 has become a bit of an automotive legend, known for owning and photographing a massive collection of gorgeous exotic cars.

One of these cars is a Pagani Huayra with a custom paint scheme and exquisite exposed carbon fiber weave known as “The King”. Wanting to take a photoshoot with the car, they found a gravel beach and took photos at sunset. However, with wide sticky tires and 700hp, the Huarya just isn’t designed for gravel, so the obvious happened.

After numerous tries to get the car moving using planks of wood, the exotic spun tires aimlessly and ended up having to be towed off the beach by a lowly Honda CRV. Though the Huayra didn’t suffer any serious during the incident, I’m willing to bet that the scratches done to its clear coat cost more than that Honda CRZ itself. Words of the wise; high power supercars and loose surfaces don’t mix.