It’s been said a thousand times that the Mazda Miata is a phenomenal drivers’ car.

Lightweight, balanced and a joy to drive; it’s pretty well perfect. However, like any great hero it has its flaws. Its main weakness is the somewhat lack-luster factory 140hp engine that’s powerful enough for the occasional weekend cruise, but struggles on the racetrack.
As a result, most people end up either turbo-charging or swapping a honking American V8 into the car, but V8’s are heavy and expensive and turbo-charging adds complexity and lag into the equation.
One company known at KMiata has developed a kit to fit Honda’s K20 and K24 motors into the little car. The result is more than double the stock horsepower and a screaming 9000rpm redline. Matt Farah got a chance to drive this wicked creation and it’s properly fast. Check out his full experience below: