This 230 Hp Go-Kart with superbike engine battles against a Porsche 9FF and a modified Audi S4.

This Honda powered Go-Kart is equipped with the CBR 1000 RR engine, which displaces 999 cubic centimeters, and produces 171 horsepower at 10670 RPM in stock trim.

The 1000 RR, also known as the Fireblade is a high revving, water-cooled, Dual Overhead Cam, fuel injected, inline four cylinder unit.

However, this particular engine has been extensively modified, and has 230 horsepower. Which means this minuscule contraption of madness will go from a standstill to 62 mph in 2.4 seconds. And the top speed of this Go-Kart is reported to be over 180 Mph.

Watch below and see this wicked machine in action.