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The Jaguar Project 7: a supercharged celebration of motorsport.


As high praised as the F Type is, it just wasn’t enough. After seven victories at Le Mans, the by Special Vehicle Operations division at Jaguar, decided to build the project 7, a limited edition display of magnificence on four wheels.

Only 250 of these Jaguars were made, and they were sold out even before production even started. The Project 7 is named in honor of the seven Le Mans wins.

With a reduced weight, revised suspension, and a 575 horsepower supercharged five liter V8, the F Type-based Jaguar Project 7 is capable of lapping the Nürburgring in 7 minutes 35 seconds. The 8 speed automatic transmission is smooth and precise, with quick gear changes, rewarding the driver when used in the manual mode.

The styling changes are on par with the performance improvements, and stay true to the rich motorsport heritage of Jaguar. A base color similar to the classic British racing green and tasteful orange accents bring this convertible into a realm of beauty few other cars have reached.

The driving experience is said to be exquisite, with sharp handling, especially at the turn-in. We can only conclude then, that the Jaguar Project 7 is truly a masterpiece.

In the video below, we have a comprehensive review of this glorious machine.


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