It would be common sense to assume that VW Cars sales have plummeted as a result of the diesel emissions crisis, considering that every single diesel Volkswagen sitting on dealership lots is unsellable.



News about the emissions crisis, and the associated betrayal tree-hugging TDI owners are feeling seems to get worse each day. However, that assumption would be completely incorrect.

Thanks to heavy incentives on gasoline models, including providing a $2000 discount to current owners, Volkswagen sales have actually increased, and October proved to be an excellent month for the German automaker. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen dealers have managed to maintain just a 48 day supply of vehicles; 20 vehicles less than usual. What’s even more surprising is that this number includes all VW Cars TDIs that can’t even legally be sold.

One VW dealer in South Carolina managed to sell 40 Passats in the past month, leaving him with just three sitting on the lot. Some dealers have had to rely on dealer trading to avoid running out of cars. Even the Tiguan, a slow selling Volkswagen vehicle, did well in October.

I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but if you’re in the market for VW Cars, you may find yourself waiting in line.