Stealing a Tesla Model S is a Very, Bad Idea


Tesla owner Katya Pinkowski left a concert on fateful night in Vancouver Canada, to find that her beautiful Tesla Model S P85D was gone, and thereafter followed the least dramatic ‘stolen car recovery story’ on the planet.

Katya simply retrieved the cars location from her Tesla app, and discovered that the car was cruising around in a nearby city. She then called the police, who arrested the thief and recovered the car.

Apparently one of the Tesla’s two keys were left in the car. The door handles of the Tesla Model S only appear when a key is in the vicinity of the car, so when the thief approached the vehicle the door handles popped open inviting him inside, and he simply hopped in and drove away. Thanks to its onboard GPS tracking software, getting the car back was almost too easy, though Katya certainly learned a lesson that night.