Take a look at this delightfully bizarre amphibious 61′ Corvair Corphibian

Oh the sixties, a time of rock and roll genesis, the Vietnam War, and tons of automotive lunacy in the Unites States of America.

Back in 1961, the Corvair 95 Rampside pickup was introduced. With a 95-inch wheelbase, this Corvair variant was given a flat-6 cylinder engine and either a manual gearbox or Powerglide automatic, and had a number of extra options available.

The Corphibian Prototype was built by Chevrolet Engineering, and it is an amphibious vehicle based on the Pickup version of the Corvair.

With an elongated body and a hull made out of fiberglass, the Corphibian would be capable of traveling on the highway and the waterways of America, just like an Amphicar, which was launched the same year.

Only one model was built and recently it has been made available at auction, at the estimated price of between 75 to 100 thousand dollars. It even includes signed promotional materials, and the vehicle is in great condition, with only 157 miles.

Leave it to 60’s automakers to come up with such an interesting contraption, which has become a rare gem like Corphibian that must be preserved by Corvair and Chevrolet enthusiasts to showcase the madness that became brilliance during this amazing decade.