When you read the tittle Hand built Corvette engines, probably you thought about any old video of the classic cars era.

Nowadays, most manufacturers push some buttons, and a machine whips up an engine, fully assembled. Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that, surely, but the point is made.

Automated assembly lines have been an integral part of automotive industry, providing cost effective ways to manufacture and assemble components, streamlining the process of car production with digital precision and nano-metric machining capabilities.

But some engines require more attention to detail than what a machine can provide, and since machinery is only as good as its programming, there is still plenty of room for master engine builders.

Like AMG six liter V12’s the all American supercharged LS9 Corvette engines are hand built, and in the video below you will get a demonstration of this process.

The LS9 supercharged powers the legendary ZR1 Corvette, so it’s a must see for all Chevrolet fans.