When Rezvani builds a car, they build it for one purpose and one purpose only: ridiculous lap times. Manufactures love to proclaim that they produce ‘race cars for the street’, but no company quite lives by this notion like Rezvani. Their first car sourced a Honda 2.4l supercharged engine to produce roughly 300hp, and with a curb weight of roughly 1650lbs, nobody claimed it was slow.

Naturally that wasn’t enough for the company, so they strapped a turbo to the old supercharged Honda K24, and the end result was 500hp straight to the rear tires. That car, came with a $165,000 sticker price.
Now, for the clinically insane, Rezvani has released a 700hp car powered by, you guessed it, a Honda K24. The bi-charged setup has been replaced by massive Borg Warner turbochargers, and the whole thing has been strengthened by forged internals. Weight is up slightly by 200lbs, to a still feather weight 1850lbs.

Of course, giving a street-legal go cart 700hp isn’t quite as simple as dialing in more boost. The whole thing sits in a carbon-fiber, steel reinforced chassis. Massive Alcon 4 piston brakes provide the necessary stopping power, and 19-inch wheels wrapped in sticky 295/30 rear and 235/35 front tires assist it in sticking like glue through the corners. It also comes with independent forged aluminum suspension, Bilstein 10-way adjustable dampeners and anti-roll bars.
Shockingly, the whole thing is totally street legal, though it’s obviously intended for track use. All that hypercar beating performance doesn’t come cheap however – this model costs a staggering $325,000. That isn’t cheap, but you’ll probably be spending upwards of a million dollars on anything else that will keep up with Rezvani monster.2016_Rezvani_Beast_X-7