Los Angeles cargurus Icon Automotive have become famous for producing the world’s most incredible restomods. From massively powerful and beautifully restored Toyota Land Cruisers to classic American Muscle, in this case the mighty ZR1 48’ Buick.

Founder Jonathan Ward will take ancient automotive relics, restore them, stuff them full of horsepower and provide substantial chassis upgrades all while keeping them looking bone stock.

When this Buick rolled off the assembly line in 1948, I guaranteed nobody thought that 67 years later somebody would stuff a 700hp, C6 Corvette ZR1 motor under the hood, and provide it with the necessary hardware to allow it to actually handle. Jay Leno got the chance to examine this special 48’ Buick, and as with all episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, he got to examine every nook and cranny of this very special machine. As with all Icon builds the attention to detail is astounding. Watch the entire episode below!