Humanity has an obsession with fitting really big things, into really small things. LS swapped cars has almost become predictable: take something small and light from the factory drop 400hp of American glory under the hood and call it a day. How about a V8 into an electric BMW i8?

The boys at Gabura Racing Technologies had a similar idea, and have devised a plan to build one of the strangest V8 swaps ever. The BMW i8 is a thing of hybrid glory. It hits 60mph in 4.4 seconds, can tail a Porsche 911 in the corners, all while getting 30mpg. These guys plan to throw that all away, and tuck the 4.4l V8 from the BMW M6 underneath it’s low hood, and build an 800hp monster.

This is the only look we have of the car so far, and shockingly it appears the Alpina tuned-S63 fits nicely into the front of the BMW i8. Is this a complete waste of a fantastic hybrid? Maybe, is it going to end up costing far more than any other v8 powered sports car to produce? Most likely, but there’s no denying the end result is going to be completely bonkers. With a lightweight aluminum chassis, 800hp and a racing transmission; we can’t wait to see this thing run.