BMWs are typically known for modest, cookie cutter designs, packing loads of exuberant performance. This BMW however, is likely to get you plenty of attention. This BMW 650i started off in life as a sleek, conservative coupe, and Prior Design took the car and turned everything up to eleven.

The most obvious change is the wrap, done by Exclusive Cardesign, which was inspired by the recent BMW M6 GT3. Beneath it sits Prior Design PD6XX widebody kit. This includes wider front and rear wheel arches, a new front fascia, larger side skirts, an large front splitter and canards make this boring 6-series look like a proper track-focused machine. The whole thing is brought together with a set of Rennen Forged three-piece Type R-55 wheels.

Naturally, and cars ridiculous appearance needed to be complemented by a power boost. The original BMW 650i 4.4l V8 now makes 495 hp thanks to a full exhaust and an ECU reflash.
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