Watch Range Rover Drives Over a Bridge Built Entirely Out of Paper

Range Rover

It’s no secret that Range Rovers are extremely heavy, so building a bridge purely out of paper that’s strong enough to support 6000lbs of British engineering is no easy feat.

To do so, Range hired bridge designer Steve Messam to build precisely that: a self-sustaining bridge made out of paper, featuring no glue, no nuts and bolts; nothing. The whole thing was devised as a 45th anniversary stunt.

For this they traveled to the Jiangsu province of China, an area known for their numerous beautiful bridges. China itself invented paper, and they also have a habit of constructing unusual things out of paper.

The bridge was built the way you would build a stone bridge. A supporting arch was built, and blocks of paper were added, and once the weight of the paper itself provided a sufficient amount of tension, they removed the supporting arch and voila! All they needed then was to pray that it didn’t rain, and find one brave individual to drive the Range Rover over it. Watch the whole thing below.