Hypercars tend to have knack for sounding like heavenly choirs of hyper frequent explosions, singing an opera of speed, in the key of power
These two are no exception as both the Koenigsegg Agera R Sound and Porsche 918 blast through a tunnel, creating a majestic symphony played by their engines and exhaust systems.

Onboard the 918 Spyder we get to see not only visceral, gut wrenching acceleration, but also the joyful reaction of both occupants, while they get to witness the Agera R doing its thing as well.

One third of the bespoke holy trinity and the Swedish fiend make quite the spectacle for us to enjoy this glorious display of power.

This goes to show that hypercars are something beyond just performance; they are proof that greatness is a mix of brilliance and lunacy, distilled by dedication, and refined by taste. 918 Spyder and Agera R sound just epic.