Reports from the UK Telegraph of these two motoring legends joining Radio Host Chris Evans in the new iteration of New Top Gear have arrived recently.

Following the whole Clarkson “fracas”, the future of Top Gear seemed uncertain, but now, with these new trio of hosts, we are certain thing will never be the same, but perhaps they can take Top Gear in a new direction, and be excellent at it.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of Sabin Schmitz and Chris Harris. Sabine, also known as Queen of the Nürburgring, has extensive driving experience, and lapped the Green Hell in just over ten minutes in a Ford Transit Van just to prove a point. She is one of the most experienced drivers to master the ‘Ring.

Chris Harris is an automotive superstar, when he’s not hosting /Drive, he’s test driving supercars around racetracks, and bringing his unique sense of humor along for the ride.
With this new Top Gear team of presenters, we hope Top Gear will take a different, slightly more factual direction, without so many crazy Clarksonian antics, and become a more mature and accurately informing TV show. For one thing we are sure, someone will never change…

We wish the new Top Gear team the best of luck.

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