All BMW M3 Generations had been a staple of performance and engineering prowess since its inception in the late eighties with the first generation E30 M3, from then on, it has taken multiple forms throughout the generations, improving each time in handling, speed, and acceleration.

The E36 brought a much needed power increase over the former generation, while its successor, the E46 made handling crispier and much better.

Those two are regarded as the best driving experiences from the whole M3 lineup.

Taking things to a new level, the E92 M3 meant a new four liter V8 engine, aggressive styling and technology everywhere.

Lastly, the current F80 iteration of the M3 brings us back to six cylinders, but throws forced induction into the mix via twin turbos.

While we tend to look towards nostalgia for an involving driving experience, it is a fact that performance, luxury, and quality are the trinity of concepts that shape the most recent generations of the M3.

Watch below as we get a review of each BMW M3 Generations, and see what’s so great about the M3.