A look at the BMW M1 AHG Package.

To the Bimmerheads that truly know the BMW history, they also know that the M1 is a true unicorn when it comes to rare cars, but what we have here takes the crown as the king of the unicorn, as only 10 models were made and yes, were talking about the BMW M1 AHG Package.

Only 10 models were made and that happend back in 1981-1982, before the M1 went out of production. This rare treasure has been sold for $350,000 at various auctions. So your question might be, what’s different from the normal M1? Well for starters its 3.5 liter inline-six engine has been upgraded from AHG, which uses an updated racing engine that makes 350 horsepower, thanks to a new special exhaust and a lot of careful engineering. Other upgrades include:
– Racing clutch
– New front spoiler
– Wider front and rear fenders
– New side skirts
– Special rear wing
– Height-adjustable racing suspension
– 3 piece BBS wheels

This is the type of car that you take care of everyday, and maybe pass it to the next generations, as it has a piece of automotive history in it, but damn, I would not resist. That thing was made to put miles on, and that’s a car that I would love to take it to the track at weekends.