Regarded by some as the pinnacle of performance driving, the E46 BMW M3 is an icon in every sense of the word.


Appearing in the year 2000, the E46 chassis replaced the E36 one for the 3 series BMW, and with this change, the M3 evolved as well, with the S54 3.2 liter straight six engine sporting 340 horsepower thanks to the VANOS variable valve timing system, and with two transmission options, the SMG sequential gearbox, or the Getrag six speed units.


Per BMW tradition, the top speed was limited to 155 Mph, and in true BMW fashion, the craftsmanship and engineering behind this car is nothing short of legendary, with a well sorted chassis, relatively light bodywork, and a brilliant driving experience, it’s no surprise the E46 BMW M3 is considered a true masterpiece.
Below you will find an excellent video outlining the E46 M3’s history and development.