These Rocket Bunny S14 Widebody Kit renders are aesthetic oddities.

The ever popular Nissan S14 also known as 200SX is part of the S-Chassis lineage of rear wheel drive Japanese sports cars.

Widebody Kit manufacturer Rocket Bunny has created a set of visual renders of widebodies for the S14 with stylistic cues from 70’s Muscle cars, particularly the Plymouth Barracuda.

landscape_nrm_1424182531-10957722_594406360693968_1350782135276707881_o 10995704_594406514027286_1561852756627305941_o

These renders are oddly well proportioned and the way the widebody kit changes the aesthetic of the car is nothing short of astonishing, giving it a completely new attitude, reminiscing of the late sixties and early seventies.

10990895_594416370692967_706379868834956138_o 1978597_594406430693961_1516297176906769065_o

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