You all know about the Ferrari F12, the amazing 740 HP RWD V12 grand tourer Ferrari gives us. You also have heard Jeremy Clarkson say that its has to much power, well there is a well known Ferrari tuning company based in Germany called Novitec. What Novitec does is basically take a ordinary Ferrari and turn it up to eleven, by eleven i mean supercharging a 430 Scuderia or a 599 GTB.

In the case of the F12 they have done something to make it look even more scarier, they have made a widebody F12 (like the F12 wasnt wide enough) and then they have raised the power from 740 HP to 781 HP by adding an exhaust and remapping the ecu. Anyway i bet u wanna know what this machines sound like, well watch this pov videos of the n-largo going full throttle on the unrestricted autobahn.