Pure Turbos which are know mostly for upgrading turbos have come up with the stage 2 turbo upgrade for the M2 this package consists in : -M2 PURE Stage2 Turbo Upgrade

-M2 PURE HiFlow Inlet Pipe
-BMS JB4 w/ EWG connector
-BMS Intake kit
-Fuel-It New Low Profile Port Injection System
-Fuel-It Stage2 LPFP
-Fuel-It Ethanol content sensor, with JB4 input!
-Evolution Racewerks CP
-Evolution Racewerks DP
-Wagner FMIC
-E47 Fuel (50/50 91oct/e85)
Which is good for making around 500 whp and on a car like the light M2 its more than enough horsepower unless your a half mile racer. The cost of the turbo upgrade is 2500$ thats only the turbo without including the other mods.