You would be surprised how “tape” pulled off this roll cage stunt.


For those that don’t know,“FiberFix” is pretty much like resin reinforced repair tape,that is capable of withstanding liquid,extreme temperatures and heavy impacts.

Fiberfix claims that is 100 times stronger than steel.People say that this stuff has been around for a few years,but we heard about this thing just this morning and the only thing we want to know is,if it can really withstand what the commercial shows.As you can see from the commercial,there are two cars being wrapped in a cage.In the yellow one they used common duck tape,and in the red one they used FiberFix.

Both of the cars went off the same cliff with 25mph,and as shown in the video,the difference is obvious.The company was more than kind to explain the “behind the scenes” of the ad,a bit more in depth by saying:
“The cars used were Geo Metros stripped of engine, transaxle, radiator, gas tank, and glass. The steering and brakes were both left intact and functioning.”
“The rollcages were made of 2″ OD .120 wall HREW steel tubing.”
“A foundation for each roll cage was welded to the under-belly of each car. The foundation has 8 mount points that protrude out from the underside of the car. The cages were built on these mount points.”
“The roll cages were built and assembled using small tack-welds on each joint. This means there was one tiny weld on each joint, just to hold the cage together during construction.”
“We used an angle grinder to completely remove each tack weld prior to applying tape. Because the welds were completely removed, each joint was 100% held together by tape, and only tape.”
“We used 2x more duct tape than FiberFix. Each “T” shape joint had 40 yards of duct tape or 20 yards of FiberFix. The “X” shaped joints each had 50 yards of duct tape or 25 yards of FiberFix.”

Anyway the moral of the story is to never make your roll cage out of any duck tape,and well done Fiber Fix, that’s one hell of a duck tape.