650 hp,V8 engine under the hood,crazy power in just the tip of your toe,this is what the American Muscle stands for.With this crazy figures,we all knew that the ZL1 would be a complete supercar destroyer,and with line-lock,it will also be one crazy burnout monster.

But with the gears that it will house,the ZL1 might become one of the scariest Camaro’s ever built.Word

is that the new ZL1 will house incredibly tall gears,that would make 0-60 happen in just the first gear.Being that the new ZL1 will be equipped with a manual transmission,0-60 will be a child’s game,and the tall gears will also make the car even more desirable.The old ZL1 had 60 fewer horsepower and weighed 220 more pounds,and still did 0-60 in just 4 seconds.While the figures are still unknown,the new one is rumored to do 0-60 seconds in 3.5 seconds.Funny thing is that the new Z/28 will be even more track-focused,so more scary numbers are to be expected,but the ZL1 is shaping up to be pretty impressive.